Breaking the Rules Photography Techniques

Photography is an art form that allows us to capture and freeze moments in time, but it can sometimes follow the rules. Breaking The Rules of photography techniques and creative approaches can result in stunning unique photographs that stand out.

This blog post will explore some unconventional photography techniques that you can use to unleash your creativity and take your photography to the next level.

International camera movement ( I C M)

Intentional camera movement is a technique that involves intentionally moving the camera while taking a photograph. Creates a blurred effect that can add a sense of motion and abstractness to your photos. To achieve this effect, set your camera to a slow shutter speed and experiment with movements such as panning, tilting, or rotating the camera.

Light and shade

Multiple exposures :

Breaking the Rules Photography Multiple exposures is a technique where you combine two or more photos into a single image. It can be done on a camera or in post-processing software. You can experiment with different exposure settings and compositions to create unique and abstract ideas.

Lens flare

Lens flare is a photographic effect that occurs when direct sunlight hits the lens and creates a bright, hazy spot in the image. While traditionally seen as a mistake to avoid, incorporating lens flare intentionally can add a dreamy and ethereal quality to your photos. To achieve this effect, shoot toward the sun and experiment with different angles and compositions.

Light and reflection


Bokeh is a photographic effect that creates a blurred background with small, circular light spots. This effect is made using a wide aperture and focusing on a subject close to the camera. You can experiment with different shapes and sizes of bokeh by using different lenses or creating bokeh filters.

High-key and low-key lighting :

High-key lighting is a photographic technique that uses bright, even lighting to create a soft and airy look. On the other hand, low-key lighting uses dark shadows and contrast to create a moody and dramatic effect. You can experiment with different lighting setups and adjust your exposure settings to achieve these effects.

Flowers Red and green

Breaking the rules and experimenting with creative photography techniques can create stunning and unique images that stand out. Feel free to try something new and push the boundaries of tradition.


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